Boarding and Hostel

One of the unique  features  of SR Prime Schools  is the boarding facilities. The idea is to provide students with a conducive environment thereby helping them stay focused on their goals.


The rooms  are  all air conditioned ensuring  the stay  is comfortable  while seasonal changes and  extreme  weather conditions  do not impact their study or activity.


extreme  care  is being taken to ensure students get the right mix of food that will keep  them healthy and strong.  A professional diet consultant has  been  appointed to help  growing children  get  what they need  to grow strong  mentally and  physically. An ultra-modern dining hall has been  developed where students will enjoy the delicious meals  with love and togetherness.


good  health  is a prerequisite for any student to be  able  to focus  on his academics. At SR we are  providing ample space and  facilities for students to stretch,  flex, jump, play and  get strong.  A morning  Yoga routine will help them relax, rejuvenate  and recharge for the day. Asanas will help build a strong  and  supple body  while Pranayama & Meditation will keep  their mind focused and sharp.  Sports  is encouraged to develop  team spirit and leadership skills.


the  rooms  have  been  designed by one  of the  top  interior designers and  all aspects that  would support  a homely  feel for the student have  been  thought  about  in detail.  Each  student will have  their own bed  and  wardrobe, a group  of six to seven  students will be  accommodated in one  room  which will have  two bathrooms with toilets. This ensures each  room  has  a small group of students that support  and nurture each  other. The staff attending  to students is trained to monitor them with great care and love.


Keeping  health  and  fitness  on priority SR has  made a doctor  available  on call. Regular  health  checkups will be carried out for all boarding students and any emergency situation will also be managed with expert care.


To assist students with studies after school  hours  SR Prime School  has  involved the staff and  counselors to mentor the students when required.  Students can approach this staff to help and  guide  them in completing their assignments, clarifying doubts and seeking  guidance to prepare themselves for examinations.