Pre-primary Program:

Turning learning into fun by adding sound, colour and pictures, SR makes going to school an unforgettable experience for tiny tots. Offering the ideal play environment, the SR pre-primary program ‘Dimples’ uses the latest technology to introduce education in a fun-filled environment.

The Digital Classrooms give young minds an opportunity to get creative, inquisitive and enjoy themselves while they learn and play.


To help children take full advantage of every learning opportunity.
The program is designed to help & build children’s learning blocks at an early age. Dimples works on their social, emotional, cognitive & physical skills. The pre-primary program also allows kids to learn, experience and cherish the most wonderful years of their lives in a variety of ways:

  • Provides a stimulating, age appropriate program in a safe, positive & nurturing environment
  • Encourages kids to observe, get creative, be active, make choices & experience new things in life
  • Promotes communication, self-esteem & confidence
  • The digital medium is less stressful & more recreational in nature
  • Introduces the world where companionship & sharing become routine & they learn to function in a social environment beyond family